Interesting article on the Times of Malta by Perit Michael Falzon, Honorary President of the Malta Developers Association.

Friday, February 23rd, 2018


MDA favours strengthening of the law for better protection against fire hazards

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

The Malta Developers Association welcomes in the most positive manner the news announced by Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg that laws on protection against fires in buildings are to be consolidated as part of the reform in the construction sector.

As the Minister rightly said, the law on security against fires in buildings is currently sporadic and fragmented, and the MDA feels that this reform, which will enable the law to be strengthened in this area, is urgently needed.

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MDA welcomes proposed works on Marsa junction

The Malta Developers Association welcomes the news that Transport Malta will be issuing tenders for the initial works necessary before the actual implementation of the Marsa multi-level junction project can commence.

MDA acknowledges that Transport Malta is making serious efforts to help ease traffic congestion, which has become one of the major problems in Malta.

It augurs that the works on the Marsa junction will be carried out with the same professionalism that the works on the Kappara junction are being carried out.

MDA always supports rewarding professionalism in the civil engineering and construction industry, and believes Transport Malta is acting in the right direction as far as its big projects are concerned.

In this context, it appeals to the road contractors, mostly members of MDA, who intend to bid for such projects to continue upgrading their technical capabilities so as to ensure a good level of professionalism and seriousness in their work.

12 August, 2017



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