MDA welcomes the extension to the solar panels scheme

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

The Malta Developers Association Council is satisfied that, after holding discussions with the Government, it was agreed that the financial assistance scheme to Maltese families wishing to invest in solar panels has been extended by a further €2 million.

While the MDA recognises the success of this scheme which the government intended Maltese families to benefit from, it is committed to continue working with the Government, the authorities, including the Regulator for Energy and Water Services (REWS) and the alternative energy sector so that the sector will continue to grow at a more consistent pace.

In this way it is helping to reach the European Union targets up to 2020 for the use of clean energy and so that, at the same time, it will provide a strong source of work for the sector that is involved directly in alternative energy and other sectors that work with it indirectly.

The MDA, on behalf of its Alternative Energy Section, which today has grown substantially, will continue to do all that is necessary so that this sector will continue to be strengthened and a more beautiful environment will be created through sustainable development for Maltese citizens.

10 August, 2016


L-MDA tilqa’ b’mod pożittiv l-estensjoni tal-iskema tal-pannelli fotovoltajiċi

Il-Malta Developers Association (MDA) turi s-sodisfazzjon tagħha għall-fatt li, wara diskussjonijiet li kellha mal-Gvern, l’iskema ta’ għajnuna finanzjarja lill-familji Maltin li jridu jinvestu fil pannelli fotovoltajici  ġiet imġedda b’€2 miljun oħra.

Filwaqt li l’MDA tirrikonoxxi s-suċċess tal-iskemi tal-gvern immirati għal dawn il-familji Maltin, hija impenjata li tkompli taħdem mal-Gvern, l-awtoritajiet, fosthom ir-Regolatur tas-Servizzi tal-Enerġija u l-Ilma (REWS), u mas-settur tal-enerġija alternattiva sabiex is-settur ikompli jikber b’mod konsistenti.

B’hekk tgħin biex jintlaħqu l-miri tal-Unjoni Ewropeja sa s-sena 2020 fuq l’użu ta’ enerġija nadifa u fl-istess ħin huwa sors qawwi ta’ xogħol għas-settur li jaħdem b’mod dirett fl-enerġija alternattiva u sezzjonijiet oħra  li jaħdmu f’dan is-settur b’mod indirett.

L’MDA, f’isem is-Sezzjoni tal-Enerġija Alternattiva li illum kibret b’mod sostanzjali, tibqa’ tagħmel dak kollu meħtieġ biex dan is-settur ikompli jissaħħaħ u jkompli jinħoloq ambjent aħjar u żvilupp sostenibbli għaċ-ċittadini Maltin.

10 ta’ Awwissu, 2016


More photos from MDA fund-raising dinner

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

The Malta Developers Association recently organised a fund-raising dinner in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund at Verdala Palace, Buskett. Here are some more photos from that highly successful event in which over €46,000 were raised.

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The Malta Developers Association (MDA) refers to the new rental scheme launched by the Housing Authority through which property owners can rent their premises to the authority, which will then sublease it to tenants at subsidised rates.

The idea of using existing vacant building stock for rents to persons who qualify for social assistance in housing originated from one of the many suggestions made to Government before the Budget by the MDA, which had also suggested that a fixed rent for a predetermined period could be incentivised by a reduction in income tax from rents, as actually indicated in the announced scheme.

However, instead of allowing for a free rental market with tenants dealing directly with owners and then registering the lease when applying for subsidy, the scheme has become one where owners lease to the Housing Authority, which in turn sub-leases to the tenants.

This is in fact a major obstacle for the success of the scheme. Owners would normally seek to know who the prospective tenants are before they enter into a rental agreement and should not be obliged to accept anyone who obtains a sub-lease from the Housing Authority.

This would have avoided a lot of expensive bureaucracy and expenses on the part of the Authority, which will now be responsible for potential damages made to properties by its sub-lease holders.

With the announced scheme the property owners concerned will lose all control of their property and what happens to it, much as what used to happen in the past in the case of requisition orders.

It is a pity that such a good initiative has been smothered at its inception in this way rather than being allowed to flourish, something that would not have happened had the Housing Authority consulted interested stakeholders before finalising the scheme.


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