The Malta Developers Association (MDA) is the highest body and voice of private Real Estate developers in Malta.

uepcMDA links private real estate developers to the relevant state authorities and to customers through numerous initiatives and activities.

MDA aims at bringing the majority of organised private real estate developers under a single umbrella and act as a potent force that promises the rapid development of the sector in the new decade.

MDA promotes responsible development and ownership of real estate in Malta through legislative advocacy, educational programs and professional networking opportunities.
MDA advances responsible, sustainable development that creates jobs and benefits the communities in which its members work and live.

Its main aims are:

  • To provide a central organisation for real estate developers.
  • To provide a united front in making recommendations to government on ways of promoting real estate development and in seeking solutions to practical problems in the property market.
  • To pool resources together towards greater economies of scale in real estate development and also ensure that members conform to national building standards and planning laws.
  • In the spirit of the search for appropriate technology, the Association shall promote the use of local inputs and finance research into suitability of local building materials.
  • To liaise with financial institutions in developing more effective development schemes
  • To establish links with real estate institutions and allied bodies at home and abroad with the aim of promoting and attracting more foreign investment to the industry.

MDA wants to be responsive, respected, responsible and relevant in partnering with the state and national policies to further improve the quality of life in Malta and Gozo.

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MDA opposes proposed development in ODZ quarry

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

The Malta Developers Association refers to an outline development application for the utilisation of an existing disused quarry in Marsascala to erect a large commercial complex, including a basement parking area and storage facilities, underlying commercial outlets and offices. The quarry is sited in an area that is Outside Development Zone (ODZ).

Although the rehabilitation of disused quarries is positive, since an abandoned quarry is considered as a lesion in every topographical setup, it should not serve as a trampoline for one to obtain approval of developments that are incongruent in ODZ areas.

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MDA welcomes proposed works on Marsa junction

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

The Malta Developers Association welcomes the news that Transport Malta will be issuing tenders for the initial works necessary before the actual implementation of the Marsa multi-level junction project can commence.

MDA acknowledges that Transport Malta is making serious efforts to help ease traffic congestion, which has become one of the major problems in Malta.

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