MDA insists its Budget proposals as agreed before general election

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

The Malta Developers Association presented a substantial document with concrete proposals for Budget 2018, some of which can be implemented immediately.

MDA President Sandro Chetcuti, who headed a delegation of Council members, augured that the Prime Minister and his Government would continue to achieve further progress and success in its endeavours to take the country to the next level. He praised Government’s initiatives that have truly brought the best of times in terms of employment and a booming economy.

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Both PN leadership contenders request meeting with MDA

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

The two Nationalist Party leadership contenders, Dr Adrian Delia and Dr Chris Said, held separate meetings with the Malta Developers Association Council. The meetings, held at the request of the two candidates, turned out to be two long, fruitful discussions.

Both Dr Delia and Dr Said acknowledged the good work of the MDA and its highly valid contribution to the country.

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MDA hosts UEPC President

Jean-Paul Florentin, President of UEPC (Union Européene des Promoteurs-Constructeurs – European Union of Developers and House Builders), has been in Malta as the guest of the Malta Developers Association this week.
UEPC, an association of European developers, is recognised as an official group by the European Union for consultation purposes regarding EU decisions on relevant matters. Developers’ associations from the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Rumania and Turkey are UEPC members. Further information on UEPC can be sought at:
Mr Florentin is a leading developer in Alsace, France, and is based in Strasbourg. During his visit to Malta Mr Florentin held discussions with the MDA on the possibility of MDA becoming a UEPC member, as well on the situation of developers in Malta and in other EU countries. He met the Hon. Michael Farrugia, Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Simplification of Administrative Processes, and the MEPA Chairman, perit Vincent Cassar, during courtesy visits and also visited two leading developments in Malta in order to familiarise himself with the local situation.
Although the EU does not have a Commissioner directly involved with development, there are a number of areas in which UE decisions and directives impinge directly on development. These include such issues as the directives on Environment Impact Assessments (EIAs) and on energy efficiency in buildings as well as taxation issues. UEPC has a permanent office in Brussels from which it lobbies with the EU whenever decisions directly or indirectly affecting development are being considered by the various Commissioners.
The MDA is committed to promote sustainable development in Malta, while defending the interests of its members. It intends to become an UEPC member so that it will be possible to lobby officially at a European level in the interest of its members. A change in the UEPC membership fee parameters to make MDA membership affordable is necessary and this is to be made in the coming weeks.
26 April, 2013


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