Hon. Silvio Parnis meets the MDA Council

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

As part of the current consultations regarding the Local Council and LESA Reform, a delegation of officials headed by Hon. Silvio Parnis met with the Malta Developers Association Council. Various matters concerning the construction industry were discussed.


MDA Football Team wins Dar tal-Providenza Tournament

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

The Malta Developers Association football team participated in the yearly football tournament between the constituted bodies in aid of Dar tal-Providenza. We won the tournament for the third consecutive year, thus ending the year with another success !

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Do you own a property that is being rented to third parties?

The Malta Developers Association is aware of the challenges that are being faced in different sides of the rental market. The current situation allows for abuses and injustices being carried out both by landlords and tenants.

MDA is also aware that Government is being lobbied to regulate the market so that abuses are minimised. While some regulation is necessary, MDA does not believe that a return to the situation where rents are controlled will help the economy since this will stunt the growth of the rental market.

In this situation, MDA has decided to set up a section for property owners who have invested in property for the rental market and have no one to represent them with the authorities.

MDA intends to give a voice to these property owners, while always believing in the need to curb abuses, irrespective of whether such abuse is committed by the tenant or the owner.

MDA is taking this step proactively and in the spirit that MDA has adopted since its foundation: it always tries to come up with solutions rather than just voicing its position.

Join the landlords section within the Malta Developers Association and benefit from:

  • Know your rights and responsibilities
  • Meet and network with other landlords, estate agents and property developers.
  • Help us strengthen our collective lobbying voice with the Government to:
    • Improve the current legislation which is unfair on landlords
    • Oppose regularization of rent fees
    • Reduce current taxation to reflect taxation in other sectors
  • Access to standard lease agreements, forms and letters


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