MDA insists its Budget proposals as agreed before general election

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

The Malta Developers Association presented a substantial document with concrete proposals for Budget 2018, some of which can be implemented immediately.

MDA President Sandro Chetcuti, who headed a delegation of Council members, augured that the Prime Minister and his Government would continue to achieve further progress and success in its endeavours to take the country to the next level. He praised Government’s initiatives that have truly brought the best of times in terms of employment and a booming economy.

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Both PN leadership contenders request meeting with MDA

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

The two Nationalist Party leadership contenders, Dr Adrian Delia and Dr Chris Said, held separate meetings with the Malta Developers Association Council. The meetings, held at the request of the two candidates, turned out to be two long, fruitful discussions.

Both Dr Delia and Dr Said acknowledged the good work of the MDA and its highly valid contribution to the country.

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Energy performance certificates depend on build quality

The Malta Developers Association refers to the recent press release issued by Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) in which it accused MEPA of “appeasing developers” by failing to require new developments to have energy performance certificates.

The issue of energy performance certificates is not within MEPA’s remit since they are not part of the planning regime. These certificates are issued by professionals accredited by the Malta Resources Authority after buildings are completed. Contrary to what FAA implies, there is no obligation on MEPA’s part regarding energy performance certificates at the planning or permit stage.

The allegation that MEPA is somehow “appeasing developers” because it is not asking for these certificates at permit stage when these cannot be issued at this stage, is reckless and untruthful, and was resorted to so as to fit in with FAA’s imaginary pre-conceived idea that MEPA is pursuing some “appeasement policy” favouring developers.

To arrive at this ‘conclusion’, FAA has completely ignored the existing legislation regarding energy performance certificates – a clear indication of the amateurish way with which FAA approaches issues that concern it.

11 June, 2014


Il-ħruġ ta’ ċertifikati ta’ ‘energy performance’ jiddependi fuq il-kwalità tal-binja

Il-Malta Developers Association (MDA) tirreferi għall-istqarrija li ħarġet Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) dan l-aħħar fejn akkużat il-MEPA li qed “taġevola l-iżviluppaturi” peress li naqset titlob biex żviluppi ġodda jkollhom ċertifikat ta’ energy performance.

Il-kwistjoni ta’ ċertifikati ta’ energy performance ma taqax taħt il-MEPA peress li mhumiex parti mir-regime tal-ippjanar. Dawn iċ-ċertifikata huma maħruġa minn professjonisti akkreditati mill-Awtorità Maltija tar-Risorsi (MRA) wara l-bini jkun lest. Il-kuntrarju ta’ dak li timplika l-FAA, il-MEPA mgħandiex obbligu titlob ċertifikati ta’ energy performance fl-istadju tal-ippjanar jew tal-permess.

L-allegazzjoni li l-MEPA qegħda b’xi mod “taġevola l-iżviluppaturi” peress li mhix qed titlob għal dawn iċ-ċertifikati fl-istadju ta’ permess meta dawn ma jistgħux jinħarġu f’dan l-istadju, hi traskurata u mhix veritiera, u intużat biex taqbel mal-idea imaġinarja li waslet għaliha minn qabel li l-MEPA għandha “policy biex taġevola” l-iżviluppaturi.

Biex tasal għad din il-‘konklużjoni’, FAA injorat kompletament il-leġislazzjoni li teżisti fuq iċ-ċertifikati ta’ energy performance – indikazzjoni ċara tal-mod dilettantesk li biha l-FAA tittratta kwistjonijiet li jikkonċernawha.

11 ta’ Ġunju, 2014



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